Hi, I'm Vanessa, the girl behind both Blog Pixie and Flip And Style.

I'm a coffee addict, a lover of all things pink and pretty and I have been blogging for the past eight years! I can't imagine where I would be right now if I hadn't launched myself into the world of blogging.

I launched Blog Pixie in 2016 as a resource site for blog enthusiasts. I have so much to share about blogging, branding, design and social media, therefore creating a special place for it all seemed to be the perfect idea.

As time goes by, Blog Pixie will continue to be filled with helpful and inspiring posts to assist you in the process of creating and running a successful blog. I'll be filling you in on handy tips and tricks, sharing technical advice to ensure your blog is running smoothly. I will also be creating freebies such as phone wallpapers, printables, blog graphics and font collections for you.

If you'd like to follow on and continue to see what Blog Pixie has on offer, follow with Bloglovin and find me on social media!