Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My New Blogger Template Designs

Hi everyone!

I've been a little absent over the past few weeks as I decided to finally learn the ins and outs of designing templates for Blogger blogs. It's something I had originally planned to do when I first launched Blog Pixie, however I knew I'd have to put everything else I'm doing on hold, to actually sit down, learn and create them. So I put it off for quite a while.

As you all know I launched my eBook at the end of last year (thank you to everyone who has bought it so far!), and although I have another eBook and other things in the works, I wanted to make these templates a priority. So for the past two weeks I've spent crazy long days and nights at my desk, researching, coding, designing and creating. I've been very happy to be able to launch 5 brand new Blogger templates in my Etsy shop, each which I love to bits and I thought I'd tell you a bit about them.


First we have Cassidy, the baby of the template family, but quickly a favourite among visitors to my shop. If you are planning to launch a blog and don't know too much about Blogger or how to work things, this template will set you up nicely with a design that you can work your way around quite easily.

It's a minimalist design with a focus on the images you upload (making them nice and big) and the calligraphy-style header. It has a peach-coloured navigation menu across the top which is a flattering colour, full of happiness when combined with blog-style photography. However, you can change it to whichever colour you like.

It has everything you need to get your blog started and looking pretty. Lots of white space, easy-to-read text and a neat display of side bar gadgets to keep everything looking clean and organised.


I created Celine for the fashion and beauty bloggers out there. It's a very classic, clean, white and minimalist design, really making your imagery the star of the show.

It includes a handwritten-style header which is super chic, along with a very handy feature, the Love List. This feature at the top of the blog is a little secret to affiliate earning success. It will only work if you have a Rewardstyle or Shopstyle account, as you will need to create one of their "shop the post" widgets to add the code in. But once it's in there, it stays at the top of your blog and looks great on tablet and mobile devices as well.

It has a beautiful slide show on the homepage to feature your latest posts, and overall gives your blog a styled, professional appearance.


Peony Diaries is my personal favourite. It's the template I'm currently using here on Blog Pixie, I just added a few things in here and there to personalise it.

I think it's the prettiest template for fashion/lifestyle blogs. You can change the background colour to whatever you like, it has a delicate signature-style font for the header and the pink side bar titles are also changeable in colour. The fonts combined with the particular colours chosen give it this soft and pretty look, which I love.

If you love creating posts with beautiful photography or lots of good writing to read, this is the perfect one for you.


Chloe is another template design for any style of blogger. It's simple, yet sophisticated and stylish. 

It includes a much larger slideshow at the top, to really draw attention to your recent content. The larger your photos are when you upload them to your posts (they resize automatically to fit the post width), the clearer and more wonderful they'll show up in that slider. So I can imagine this would be a great template for anyone who takes quality photos.

The header is a classic font in a pretty blush colour (easily customisable, or you can upload your own logo). The side bar gadgets are neatly placed and the navigation menu is slightly transparent, sticking to the top as you scroll down.


And lastly Serenity, my most recent template and another favourite. I wanted to create a template for the more free-spirited bloggers. Maybe for travel, beachy or other lifestyle content. But I believe it could make any content look wonderful.

The colours used are soft and pastel, yet easy for you to customise if you'd prefer something different. The header font is strong and makes a statement, without detracting from the softness of the rest of the design.

It has a grey background down the sides, with white through the middle. This keeps all the content contained and looking neat and organised. I love the fonts used, and the overall feeling of the theme is quite calming and easy to look at.

. . .

Each theme works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Your purchase includes the template file and easy-to-follow set up instructions. I offer free installation, and with all of them (except Chloe) I will make you a free header, if needed, in the font featured on the template.

So if you were ever planning to start a blog, now is the time. I'm here to help you :) If you have a blog and want to say goodbye to the regular Blogger templates and upgrade to something a bit nicer, check out my templates and see if there's something you like :)

It's a learning process for me too, running a shop like this for the first time. But it's definitely rewarding, as I've loved helping my first few customers get their templates up and running.

Which one of these do you like most? I'd love to know!



  1. These all look INCREDIBLE, Vanessa - congratulations!

  2. Beautiful templates Vanessa, you're so talented! ♥

    Now She Flares

  3. Yay!! I bought one of these. I've been debating moving from blogger to something else but then I decided to just update my blog look a bit so I bought Cassidy!

    I haven't put it one yet as I still need to sort a couple of things, like the header with your font, but I love it so far!

    The Life of JP

  4. Wow Vanessa these templates are absolutely gorgeous! Peony Diaries is also my favourite, I've been contemplating changing my blog template. I'm actually in love with my current one but just seriously fell in love with yours!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries and Perfume