Sunday, February 19, 2017

Free Fonts For Commercial Use

free fonts commercial use download
As I've realised how much you all love a good collection of free fonts, I thought I'd create a new one with lots of new free fonts for you to download. And guess what, they're all free for commercial use *, which means you can use them for logos, branding for clients, t-shirt, mug and stationary designs or anything else you are planning to sell!

I know how frustrating it can be to download a "free font" and then realise afterwards that you can't actually use it in a project to sell, so I thought this could be a helpful post if you want to know where to find free fonts for commercial use. These fonts could be very useful if you're starting your own creative business, so I suggest you download all your favourites and keep them in separate folder on your computer.

I wanted to include fonts that were more on the fancy side than plain in this collection, so I searched for brush script, handwritten and calligraphy fonts, including all the very best ones I could find. I also added a couple of my favourite basic fonts.

One thing to keep in mind with these fonts is that you definitely can't re-sell them. They are still the property of their owners (who deserve a lot of thanks and praise for being so generous!). You can use the fonts in the design of items you're using or selling (t-shirt print, eBook cover, store logo, business card), however you can't re-sell the individual font files to anyone.

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I have to give a shoutout to Ian Mikraz, who created Signatura, Priscilla, Quickline and several others above. I think his work is amazing and it's so kind of him to create such amazing fonts to share for free. If you'd like to support him, he has a Creative Market shop with lots of other amazing fonts as well.

1. Click on the link above for the font you wish to download.
2. It will take you to the website that allows you to download it. Click on "download".
3. Once the file has downloaded, drag it onto your desktop or into your documents folder.
4. Open up Control Panel > Appearance + Personalisation > Fonts
5. Drag the font file from wherever you placed it to the Fonts folder and it will automatically install.

If you are getting the "invalid font" issue, make sure you are logged in as Administrator on your computer. Also make sure you have dragged the font file from the zip folder to another folder on your computer, and then from that folder to the Fonts folder to install. You can't drag it directly from the zip folder to the Fonts folder - it won't work. If you are still having trouble, google "invalid font" and you will see others discussing the issue and their solutions.

Disclaimer: *At the time of posting, all fonts linked in this post are listed as free for commercial use on their download page. I've done my best to ensure each one included can definitely be used in your projects, however it is your responsibility to double check the terms and conditions of each font you wish to use, for your own peace of mind.



  1. Thanks a lot for these! I am always on the lookout for new, cool fonts and when they come for free it is even better! :)

  2. Awesome list thanks for sharing girly :-)

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    1. Hi Sally, I don't have a Mac so I'm not sure how to install fonts on one I'm sorry.

    2. Hi Sally, download the fonts and they should appear in your downloads folder. Open "Font Book" and drag the dowloaded fonts into here. Close/ Quit any software you wish to use the fonts in and re-open. Your fonts should be displayed within the fonts panel.

  4. Your work is very appreciable

  5. First time I've ever downloaded any fonts. Thanks so much for sharing. These are awesome!

  6. Thank you so much! Such a nice collection

  7. gracias por la explicacion... millones de veces quise bajar fuentes y no pude.. no entendia.. ahora ya esta !! fantasticoo !! mil graciass!!

  8. These fonts are amazing, you can download more commercial use fonts on our website. thanks!