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Say hello to the brand board for Blog Pixie! This was a fun project to work on and took 5 days to complete. I wanted to get this website up ASAP so quick branding was in order and I'm really happy with the outcome. 


I chose a bright pink, though slightly muted to give a softer effect. I threw in silver glitter to represent pixie dust, a shiny silver metallic and shades of grey. The site fonts are simple and easy to read whereas the logo fonts are fun and bold (while still meaning serious business!)
I wanted the overall look to be fun, friendly and pretty with a hint of sparkle.


The whole idea surrounding Blog Pixie was to create a space for aspiring bloggers to learn how to build their own successful blog and to love the process along the way, hence the tagline "where blogging dreams come true". I noticed a lot of blogs/websites out there that were focused on blogging how-tos with tips on social media, design and everything in between. I wanted to jump on that bandwagon, but create a website with a friendlier approach. 

I'm here to be your "blogging bestie". Not only will I be selling blog templates, graphics, advice and more, I'll be blogging weekly at Blog Pixie to provide a free source of blogging advice for those who wish to begin on this rewarding journey. If you already have a blog, Blog Pixie might be useful as well! I've certainly learned a lot from reading other websites about blogging and consuming all things design.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love this! I found you via YouTube and I was so happy to see how much advice you were giving and when I saw your blogs, I knew you'd be a great resource to help me better my own site, since yours looks incredible. Please keep the posts coming.