Free Fonts For Commercial Use

free fonts commercial use download

As I've realised how much you all love a good collection of free fonts, I thought I'd create a new one with lots of new free fonts for you to download. And guess what, they're all free for commercial use *, which means you can use them for logos, branding for clients, t-shirt, mug and stationary designs or anything else you are planning to sell!

The Best Blog Themes For WordPress And Blogger

best blog themes templates designs wordpress blogger

If I were to name one thing that could make or break your blog in an instant, it's your blog's theme.

A blog theme is the overall appearance of a blog - where your posts show up, how your side bar looks, where your logo sits, the fonts, the way your page menu works and all the finer little details. Sometimes called a 'template' or 'design', a theme is what enables you to have a drop-down menu, an image slideshow and an interesting footer. It's a whole lot of blog coding, already done for you.

How To Make Your Pinterest Pins Go Viral

how to make pinterest pins go viral

I can't go a day without pinning on Pinterest. I'm addicted. But it's a good addiction... as with every minute I spend on Pinterest, I'm driving more and more traffic to my blog.